Whether we like it or not, our confidence levels change constantly and batting with self-esteem is an issue that we have all had to work on at some stage in our lives. We are all human! I am no psychologist, but what I do know for sure is keeping our self-confidence at a high all of the time is near impossible! Life challenges can test our happiness and anxiety is an unwelcomed friend that many of us have had to greet at some stage.

Since I was a young girl, I have had my own struggles with confidence and self worth. I can be quite introverted and shy in social settings although some people may think I am the opposite.

When I started my journey in fashion I was constantly battling negative thoughts in my head challenging whether or not I was “good enough”. Always self-sabotaging by thinking “I can’t do that” because I’m not XYZ!
But, over time I learnt that sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Society seems to put so much pressure on us to be PERFECT. We must be wealthy, successful and ‘slim’ to be accepted in the eyes of the masses! I have had my fair share of challenges with my confidence and I’m sure you all have too, so this week I want to share with you some small steps that will help you get that extra little boost that we all deserve. Get ready to feel and look amazing and take back your self-confidence!

1. Wake up to an uplifting power song-

When we think of our alarm we usually think of a really annoying screeching sound that is enough to drive anyone mad!

Why not start your morning on a positive note by having either one of your favourite songs or a tune that really lifts your spirits to get you started of a morning. This is a tip that I learnt from my musical genius brother {and a music teacher too!} and he always has positivity surrounding him and the soulful music alarm seems to work a charm for me too.

Some of my favourites-



2. Healthy Start-

Get your energy flowing at the start of your day. It can be something as simple as stretching, walking or even a run. Filling up on a really healthy {and delicious} breakfast is perfect for starting your day on a good note. I like making oats with water, honey, cinnamon and berries with my morning coffee…YUM!

Remember not to beat yourself up if you break away from a healthy routine. That is when the head takes over and guilt starts to take its toll and effect confidence levels.

img_1758 healthy-acaii-bowl

3. Putting Effort into your image-

We all know ‘those people’ who always dress and look immaculate! They look amazing, perfectly stylish and always seem to have an unlimited source of self-confidence! Knowing how to amplify your image and style is crucial in improving and elevating your confidence. By knowing what colours and styles best flatter you, you are more likely to make a lasting impression wherever you go.

TIP: If you struggle with trying to decide what colours best enhance your features; pick up one colour {for example a bright white} and hold it up to one side of your face in front of the mirror, then pick up a similar colour like beige or ivory and put it next to the opposite side of your face. You will notice that one colour will give you slight shadowing under your eyes and chin and the other will enhance the colours of your skin. This means usually the shadowing colour is wearing you and doesn’t necessarily suit your skin/eye colour. If you’re still unsure then I can help!

Having a clean, organized and de-cluttered wardrobe also will help you to get ready easily in the morning, rather than feeling that same old feeling of having too many clothes and nothing to wear! An organized wardrobe will eliminate the stress and elevate your image and confidence by ten fold.


4. Change your body language-

Posture and body language has such an impact on the way you hold yourself, your confidence and how people perceive you. Test this out to see how much it changes the way a conversation starts;
Go into a café or shop and stand tall with shoulders back, with a smile, make eye contact with the person you are interacting with and see the connection and effect it will have on how someone interacts with you. Then do the opposite in another café or shop with your shoulders hunched, no smile, no eye contact and you will notice a big difference in the way (if) someone will approach you.


5. Daily affirmations-

As stupid and silly as this may sound, saying affirmations to yourself in front of the mirror works wonders!!! Let go of negativity and self-doubt by just saying ‘I am fabulous’, ‘I am bold’, ‘I am confident’ whatever it may be that you want yourself to become, say it out LOUD! The worst thing is having self-doubt and bullying talk in your head. Talk yourself into being the person you have always longed to be.


6. Create an inspiration/dream board-

Cut out clippings of all the things that make you feel good and stick them on a piece of cardboard and then hang it on display for your daily dose of inspiration to remind you what makes you happy and feel good about. Examples can be; colours, prints, dream holiday destinations, outfits, sayings/quotes, homewares, food, locations, dream car, photos of family/friends. You can also create these digitally via Pintrest and create your own categories for inspiration eg; Favourite homewares, DIY projects, stylish outfits, celebrity style inspiration.

Here are some examples of fashion dream boards I’ve created in the past that I like to change/update over time:

img_1789img_1788 img_1787 img_1785

7. Create a ‘Win’ list-

Write up a list compiling all of your accomplishments including everything you can date back to that you are {even slightly} proud of.
It can be as simple as ‘bought a new baby stroller that I was dying to get’ or ‘finished a challenging task/project at work’.
Keep on your personal display at home, in your diary or close by for when you start to forget the things that YOU have achieved as it’s a touch of evidence that will remind you of your greatness and help inspire and push you along to achieve more {coz hey, it feels good!}


8. Create a clear and clutter free space in the home-

Having a clean and tidy space, does wonders for the mind. Set aside some time whether it be half an hour, an hour or a full day in your week to tidy, clean up and organize your space at home. Surround yourself with things that truly make you happy! Your days will be clutter free, organized and undoubtedly more productive.

TIP: Once your space is free of clutter, add some fresh blooms, it simply lifts the look and feel of any room in the house.

Image source: Instagram- @diaryofahousewife

9. Write up a Goals list- or Get organised-

Want to achieve more? Then set some goals!!! Whether it is day-to-day, week-to-week or even month-to-month, goal setting is the perfect way to make sure we don’t get lost in just ‘living’.
Start by writing down all of the things that you want to do and that make you feel good. This will assist your productivity, organisation and help you to prioritise the things that truly matter in the bigger picture.
I personally love having separate lists; one being a ‘Personal Goals’ list and a ‘Business Goals’ list. {You can personalize this however you like}. Then start by adding in columns of Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals or tasks to accomplish. For your personal goals be sure to add things that you love doing… It can be as simple as ‘Bake a cake with the kids’, ‘Have a nice hot bubble bath and read a book’ or ‘Start a Dance class’. Write a separate list of activities or things that make you feel happy and add a few of these things into your personal weekly goals as it’s so easy to forget about YOU in the big picture.
Be realistic with your goals though, most of us have a lot going on in our day-to-day lives and it’s not always easy to complete everything!

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10. Spend time with those you love-

This usually starts and finishes with our friends and family. Spend time with the people who make you feel amazing! We all know the friends we love and adore that make us feel great, love us unconditionally and make our soul soar! Life is short, far too short to be spending it with people who are superficial or who do nothing but make us question our self worth.

Whether it is the first point, or the last, we all have areas that we need to work on to help boost our self-confidence. If your style is getting you down and you need a little help then make sure you get in touch for a consultation.