The #GirlBoss Wardrobe Essentials


What is a Girl Boss? A Girl Boss is a woman who decides to take a stance in her leadership whether that be owning her own business, following her passions and desires or going for them {with all of her almighty woman power}!
I believe that we ALL have a fierce #GirlBoss inside just waiting to grow and expand into the very best possible version of ourselves. As we (women) slowly begin to take charge more and more in both leadership and entrepreneurial roles, there is no better time then right now to master the image that is essential for carrying your business and brand to the next level.
So, to pull of a polished and confident look and to perfect the #girl boss wardrobe, there are some key style essentials every girl needs to know…

A Good Quality Tailored Blazer-

Nothing spells B-O-S-S better than a sexy tailored (and fine quality) blazer.
This is my go-to piece when I want to add emphasis while defining my style and lifting my confidence to the next level. This is a piece that is definitely worth investing your money in!
This stunning blazer that I’m wearing below is from a contemporary new clothing label that challenges the traditional delineation between fashionable and professional. Each collection is designed for the modern woman who lives a full, dynamic lifestyle! They have so many versatile pieces that will transcend from the workplace to the weekend and doesn’t break the budget either!

arisology_blazer img_0954
Arisology- ‘Blazer cape with contrast satin lapel black’-$189.95

A Structured White Shirt-

The new modern age of designers are bringing some amazing new cuts, styles and environmentally friendly fabrics to reinvigorate the plain white shirt.

Turn up the volume in any look with a crisp white structured shirt. These are your best friend as you not only can wear them for work but they are perfect casually paired with jeans on the weekend.

What I’ve done here (below the 1st two images) is I have layered my shirt with a black bodice over the top of it. This is also a new trend that women are taking on board wether its adding a silk dress or a cami over the top of the shirt to add a little interest in layering of the outfit.

ACLER- ‘Harper Shirt’- $342

bustier-top screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-6-19-17-pm
C/MEO Collective “Paradise Awaits Bodice’- $179.95


The ‘LBD’-

Every woman should have at least one ‘LBD’ {Little black dress}, it should define the waist line and flatter the body shape. I find wearing a slight V neck the first time you meet with a new client or with anyone, helps you to connect and engage with ease. You don’t want the neckline too open though! There is also a fine line between showing too much skin and not enough.

Arisology- ‘Crossover Black Dress’- $159.95

A Flowy Silk Blouse-

Silk is one of the most luxe looking, softest and easy to breathe fabrics on the market. A flowy silk blouse is great to wear as it hides any tummy insecurities. If you are busty, try going for a shirt in the next size up and preferably one that is free of buttons as these tend to gape open. If you can get at least a few blouses in colours that compliment your brand and complexion it will communicate your personality and your businesses message clearer and more consistently.

By Malene Birger- ‘Mizar Stretch-Silk Blouse’-$326


A Figure Flattering Black Skirt –

Skirts usually add a beautiful femininity to a look and can really make a girl boss shine {when styled correctly}.
If you are a little shy about the shape of your hips, tummy or bottom, try going for an A-line skirt or a peplum style and try to stay away from some pencil skirt styles unless they are really thick or heavy duty fabrics that aren’t going to show up any unwanted outlines. The skirt I am wearing below is not a figure hugging pencil skirt and the material is quite thick so
I am loving the slits and frills in skirts these days as it adds a little extra personality into the outfit.

img_0951 screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-5-26-32-pm
Arisology- ‘Pocket Pencil Skirt in Black’- $109.95

The ‘Super Comfy’ Tailored Pant-

This is definitely a girl boss must have. It shows a little more power in a look and emphasises that whole ‘I am woman, hear me roar!’ feeling.
If you can bend/crouch down and the pants don’t restrict or fall down, then they should be the right fit. I personally love the palazzo, boot leg and wide leg style as they are perfect styles for an hourglass and inverted triangle bodyshape. They flow well and are the comfiest pairs that I own. It’s definitely worth finding those ‘comfort perfection pants’.

img_0957 img_0937
Sandro Paris Black pants (unavailable) Veronika Maine- ‘Wide Leg Pant’-$249

Work Clutch VS Work Tote-

Depending on how much you need to carry around, a work clutch can be a great, simple, modern take, yet stylish bag to carry around with you to meetings. Simply pop in a few essentials like a notebook, pens, lipstick and don’t forget your business cards!
Or if you’re someone like me who likes to have everything with you on hand then a tote is a preferable option.

img_0920 screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-15-58-pm
Cosette- Givenchy ‘Antigona Envelope clutch’ Cosette- Balenciaga ‘City Plate Portfolio Leather Bag’

Block Heels-

You certainly cannot hold your head up high and your shoulders back in uncomfortable shoes. Mules are the latest shoe style trend to hit stores this season. They’re easy to slip on and are really comfy on those days that you need to be on your feet a lot.
If these aren’t your thing, then slides, loafers or a lace up heel are also amazing options.

eti_6697 screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-30-48-pm
Mollini- ‘Kerrie Mule’- $140


Statement Accessory-

Your statement accessory should say something about you. It doesn’t have to be bright, bold or big to be a statement. It can be a fine pair of earrings or even a really nice pair of cuff links but if you want to dream big, you have to show a bit of inspiration in the final stages of completing your looks. Accessories can be hard to nail but when you have a few ‘go-to’ pieces you will always seem to nail the look!
Accessories of the season are; chokers, neck ties, scarves, thick bustier belts, metallic belts, drop earrings, monogrammed and tassled jewellery {just to name a few!}.

img_0950 eti_6349
Above- ‘Mazal Leather & Gold Plated Choker ‘ ‘Sheike Belt’ and ‘Witchery Scarf’

Whatever your #girlboss look may be, polishing and perfecting your business brand image is an absolute game changer! Contact me to discuss some options on how I can help you take your look to the next level.

You deserve to feel and look amazing in your clothes everyday!