You have a… Hourglass body shape


You are an hourglass body shape or ‘figure of 8’, which is considered the ideal body type by many women. This means that your bust and shoulder widthis the same width as your hips and bottom width.

Your figure is noticeably hourglass by your defined smaller off set waist, which gives you a set of sexy, killer curves. The best ways to style your shape is by showing off or drawing attention to your waistline and avoid adding bulk with your outfit choices.

The key is to balance out your upper half of your body and your lower body equally to prevent boxiness.


Sofia Vergara,Scarlett Johansson,Kate Middleton,

Miranda Kerr,Marilyn Munroe,Dita Von Teese

You are an Hourglass body shape if:

• Your bust, shoulders, hips and bottom are equal proportionally balanced

• You have a curvy body and rounded bottom

• You have a defined waistline

• Your shoulders are align with your hips

• Your upper body most likely is proportionate in length to your legs

from top to bottom

Top tips for dressing an

Hourglass body shape

• Balance out the top and bottom of your shape equally

• If you want to add volume or structure to an area, you must balance it out equally on the opposite end

of your body.

• Choose clothing that shapes and flatters your curves

• Avoid shapeless and boxy styles

• Use the waist as your focal point

• Showing off your décolletage,waist, curvesand legs as much as possible!

Now for the best bit… the clothing styles that flatter you the most!