How to Accessorise with Confidence

Perfecting the art of accessorising is often something that many of us carelessly overlook. We often consume ourselves with the importance of finding {the} perfect outfit, but forget those tiny little details that bring the whole look together. Knowing how to accessorise can be tricky if you’re not one for experimenting with style or if you lack that little creative spark. When working with my clients my focus is always on making them look and feel amazing! Accessories can be used to enhance your best assets, breathe new life into your existing wardrobe and create the perfect opportunity to experiment with new trends or styles without a complete wardrobe overhaul!

Making a statement-

Using a bold accessory to make a statement is great for those people who are a little more extroverted. When wearing a statement piece, try keeping everything else minimal. This statement piece can be anything from a necklace to bold earrings, cuffs, a statement bag or even show stopping shoes.
When making a statement using an accessory only wear it if you feel confident enough to own the look, otherwise the accessory will dampen the personality of your entire look.

TIP: If you want to draw the eye away from a certain part on your body, don’t wear on this area and instead wear it on an area you are more confident in wearing it. Eg; if you are self conscious about your chest area then you are better off staying away from statement necklaces as they are only going to draw the eye to that area and instead wear statement earrings, cuff, bag or shoes etc.

img_2054 img_2092
Above wearing- Mimco Necklace- $349 Nicole Fendel Earrings- $139

Wittner Heels- $189.95



One of my favourite weapons for clients who don’t have a defined waist. Belts are the perfect way to create the illusion of an hourglass shape, if used correctly. Add a belt to the waist where the skirt finishes and the top meets (top tucked in). Or put a belt over a dress. Just be careful with the styles of dress as some styles wont suit a belted look. Another tip when belting; use a belt on the smallest part of the waist rather than the largest otherwise it will make the area look even wider than normal.

img_2083 img_2071
Above- Veronika Maine belt- $149 and Ruby Sees all Skirt & Vest


Head accessories-

I LOVE hats! Especially in summer as it instantly lifts an outfit and gives it a semi-relaxed feel.
Pair the hat with your favourite shirt, some jeans/shorts, sandals/sneakers and {voila} you have a really cool sexy look.

Above wearing- Sarah J Curtis ‘Nearly Nude’ Hat- $285


When all else fails-

On those days when you simply can’t be bothered accessorizing, the best pieces that always seem to work well and style an outfit effortlessly is either a watch or a pair of studs.
Watches are sexy! Especially if you invest in a really good quality one, you will never want to take it off.
Another great investment piece is a good quality everyday handbag that you can pair with almost every outfit. This will become your best friend and also comes in handy when you just want to keep the accessories to a low on those particular days.

Above wearing- Henry London Watch- $189 and Nicole Fendel necklace- $109


Rules of accessorizing-

Colour matching was a big thing of the past but slowly over time the fashion industry has been a lot more forgiving.
I personally like colour matching but don’t like going overboard with the concept as it can end up looking wishy-washy and sometimes (OTT). Instead if you want to wear a nude handbag but don’t want to be too matchy, opt for a tan, white or gold/silver tone shoe.
If I’m wearing a belt I like to match it with a colour that’s used in my outfit to be on the safe side.
When experimenting opt for an accessory that’s similar in colour to the hue of your overall look. Eg; you wouldn’t team a clear bright colour in a warm/muted outfit as the colours will simply clash.
Experiment and have fun! There aren’t always a right or wrong way to accessorising, its purely meant to bring the look of an outfit together and tie it all in.


img_2078 img_2069

Never buy an accessory just for the sake of it, always try it on with the look in front of the mirror and don’t go splurging on pieces that are expensive trend items. If you’re still unsure on how to style and accessorise your outfits, please get in touch with me to book in a consultation and wardrobe edit. I’ll show you just how simple it is to enhance your best features, extend your current wardrobe and give you the confidence to accessorise like a pro!