When it comes to accessorising this season, my latest go to pieces are chokers, neckties or scarves. I love looking back on fashion and the days that chokers were in style {the late 1800’s and the 1990’s} and can’t believe how the versatility of wearing these funky accessories has evolved!
Neckwear adds a certain edge to an outfit and it’s the perfect finishing touch to almost any look. Bring a basic outfit to life using some of my favourite neck accessories this season.

Chokers –
They are a BIG hit this season and comes in all types of textures and materials such as leather, suede, silk, velvet, metal, patent leather and mesh. Also a great range of the hottest colours this season can be found, including black, khaki, navy, blush, beige, metallics and white.

The Metallic Collar
Rose gold metal and patent black leather chokers are great for dressing up an outfit, especially with metallic being ‘in’ this season! This is great for that extra wow factor. I usually style it with monochromatic looks like black, white and colours that compliment my warm complexion. This choker also has a few holes to adjust the strap at the back which is great for adjusting to your neck width. I’ve also styled this choker with dresses and from the image below you’ll see how it gives the outfit that extra lift that the look needs.

White Suede Choker- $110

The Silk Choker
This white silk crepe choker is perfectly matched with white and is really soft and comfortable. What I love about this choker is the way it sits. It isn’t flush against the skin so it doesn’t cut you off. As you can see, it has a slight V shape which is great for facial shapes that are slightly rounded as it balances out the contour lines. Some days if i’m feeling like changing it up I just turn the choker around so the button is facing the back so it’s just plain white.
This particular Australian designer {Natalie Chapman} makes gorgeous luxe pieces and is known all around LA and New York for her chokers and her oh so stylish womens tuxedo’s. Celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Hawkins, Nikki Phillips and Jessica Gomes have been seen sporting her famous chokers.
White silk chokers team well with a plain white shirt, white lace blouse and neutral toned tops with open necklines especially off the shoulder styles. Even adding it to a plain dress can also jazz up the look. I also find it goes well with khaki and bronze as it lifts up the style and feel of the outfit. This gorgeous choker also comes in a varitety of other colours like black, burgundy and my personal favourite khaki.



Natalie Chapman Gold Button Choker $79 (USD)

Celebrities sporting the stylish accessory-


Think thin ribbons of silk and velvet, bows, strings of leather and suede, all wrapped up nicely around the gorgeous silouette of the neckline.


Suede Leather Necktie/Wrap Necklace
I discovered this piece a couple of months ago as I am always on the search for the hottest neck wear and love researching new online stores with the best discounts and offers.
This tiny thin suede leather neck tie is great for women who like to use minimal accessories and prefer fine jewellery as apposed to statement or bold pieces.
Here i’ve worn it in a very basic way with my new khaki tee from Witchery. It is minimal, but even though I have an open neckline your eye is still drawn upwards as it’s gathered at the base of the neck.

Frankly My Dear Suede Necktie- $19


Black Silk Neck Tie
Neckties and pussy-bows have been popular additions to silk blouses this season which is where I took this accessory from. I bought a white shirt from Cue last summer and it had a black silk neck tie attached to it and I love combining it with other tops or a dress to shake up the look. It’s a very sassy chanel inspired look. It almost softens up the look. With the outfit below that I’m wearing, I’ve dressed up a simple black t-shirt with the addition of the black necktie styled in a loose bow.

On a Budget- Sportsgirl- $19.95 Natalie Chapman- $160 (USD)


Well we are all slowly moving out of our woolen and cashmere scarves as the cold weather changes to a more warmer climate and the sun finally comes out to play yes! (in Sydney). Changing to a more breezy, flowy scarf such as silk and satin. Bring on the hot weather!

The Bandana-
Welcome spring and summer with silky bandana’s. They are becoming a major street style trend at the moment and look bedazzling with crisp white shirts, overalls (believe it or not), jeans and a tee and plain dresses. They come in so many beautiful prints and colours to add a freshness to any look. If you’re like me and a lover of quality and pieces that will last more than a trend season then it’s worth saving up your pennies for a top of the range scarf in silk fabric in a nice design/print. I bought a Hermes scarf in Paris on my birthday a couple of years ago and it styles so well with outfits in spring and summer (and on bags even!).
This great staple piece can be worn a few different ways when styling it. You can tie it how I have below, or turn it around so that the triangle is facing downwards, wearing as a headband or headpiece, rolling it and tying it loosely around the neck or wrapping it around your neck twice with a small knot.
There are just so many ways and fun ideas to use your scarf or bandana.

Marc by Marc Jacobs- Studded Paisley Bandana- $389

Pinterest Bandana Inspiration-