Men’s Style Confidence

The package name says it all; after working with so many men that struggle with their wardrobe and their confidence, Josephine has designed a package specifically for males who want to define their unique signature style, to look stylish in every area of their lifestyle, which ultimately empowers her clients with confidence everyday.

Dive deep into wardrobe editing, learn styling techniques for creating effortless outfits for each area of your lifestyle as well as creating your ultimate wardrobe customized to your budget. You’ll also learn how to shop smarter and more effectively plus you’ll receive your very own ‘Look Book’ with all the outfits Josephine creates for you.

men's clothes

1st session (your place):

1 hr Consultation

We discuss-

  • Your wardrobe, shopping and lifestyle focused goals
  • Your current struggles and issues to ultimately come up with a solution
  • Your styling preferences and measurements
  • Where you are currently shopping for clothes and looking at introducing you to new stores/labels
  • Learning what colours best suit your palette
  • Taking you through styling exercises to determine your underlying style identity

3 hr Wardrobe Edit

  • Where we explore new ways to create various looks to suit your lifestyle, style and goals
  • Culling clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t align with your goals or that don’t help your style
  • Learn how to accessorise your outfits in a stylish, simplified and practical way
  • Discover the missing versatile pieces that will ultimately enhance your look and style
  • Learn which pieces may need sight altering to fit you better
  • Have your wardrobe organised in a more stylish, neat and practical way

2nd session (Sydney CBD):

3 hr Shopping Experience

  • All garments and outfits are put aside in the change rooms for you before you even arrive
  • Learn loads of styling tips along the way, as well as being introduced to new budget friendly labels that fit properly and suit your current lifestyle.
  • Discover go-to outfits which are a mix of versatile/timeless staples and signature style pieces
  • An experience tailored to your individual needs

3rd session (Your place):

2 hr Outfit Construction

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your signature style
  • Learn how to style your new pieces in with your existing wardrobe pieces
  • Learn how to accessorise your new outfits
  • Learn how to create looks for all areas of your lifestyle
  • Gain confidence from your new defined style!

Hard copy sent in the mail, soft copy emailed to you:

Personalised Style Guide/Look Book

  • A keepsake of the styling experience
  • Outfits that you can look upon so that you never forget how to style them
  • Create new ideas with inspiration from your look book
  • 30 outfits included, $50 additional for an extra 10 outfits

Bonus Inclusions-

  • A mini seasonal colour palette swatch based on your hair, eye and skin colour
  • A ‘Wardrobe 101 Contacts & Website Recommendations’ PDF which includes tailors, how to sell/donate your items as well as wardrobe solutions.

Personalised (2 Page) ‘Style Report’ PDF

Additional $100 (optional)-

Includes your:

  • Your top colours
  • Best styles/cuts
  • Seasonal Colour Palette
  • Personal Style
  • Descriptive Style
  • Shops to Shop at
  • Shopping List
  • Personal Brand Style Board

Price= $1497*

*Price excludes add on features: Style Report

Need more help on deciding which package is for you?