Personalisation and Monogramming

As a child I remember how special and unique lockets and signet rings were that could be personalized with your initials. So precious!
These days, when it comes to style there is smorgasbord of variety and the competitive nature of the fashion market has us truly spoilt for choice.It’s always really special when something is personalized {just for you}. It also makes the perfect gift to give someone for their birthday, as a thank you or on special occasions such as Mothers Day and Christmas.I’ve compiled my favourite examples of what’s on offer and how you can purchase {or gift} your very own monogrammed piece whatever the budget!

Louis Vuitton-
First it was Louis Vuitton who offered complimentary personalized hot stamping to their customers. Ever since LV opened its doors in Paris back in the late 1800’s they used to use paint to monogram their luggage and bags.LV carry on the tradition of hand painted travel pieces still to this day. The luxury brand now offers up to three initials in 18 different colours for hot stamping on luggage tags, agenda covers, passports and wallets.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Passport Holder



Louis Vuitton {BTS} Hot stamping desk

Burberry have recently launched their online {and in store} “Scarf Bar” which allows shoppers to design their very own customizable cashmere scarf or cape with their initials for an extra $120. Burberry offer more than 30 scarf colours and 30 embroidering/stitching colours available. The popularity of monogramming and personalisation has recently soared within the fashion industry! Not just initials on scarves but anything from jewellery, cushions, bags, shirt cuffs, desk accessories and even letter lighting!



Hollywood’s Rachel Zoe {above} wearing her Burberry cape


The Daily Edited-
One of my favourite accessible hot stamping stockists is The Daily Edited. They’ve just launched their Hailey Baldwin collection in August called ‘The Hailey Edited’ (You’ve gotta love branding that rhymes).

Their store is located in Sydney CBD Castlereagh St, David Jones.  You can order your item either online or over the counter and if you’re lucky enough they can hot stamp it on the spot or within a couple of hours for you to pick up. How convenient is that?!



Monogram_TheDaily_edited Monogram_the_daily_edited Monogram_Haileyedited


Mon Purse-
Mon Purse is another great hot stamping retailer located in Myer city stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with their flagship boutique located in Paddington. Last year they brought out their Jodi Gordon collection which is very unique in style. I personally love the wash bag as its really unique, super compact and elegant. The point of difference with Mon Purse is that they offer bespoke design bags and clutches which takes up to a maximum of 4 weeks to have made. See below at the one I trialed designing earlier.



For a more affordable budget friendly piece, Witchery is the way to go. Witchery’s small collection of bags, purses and pouches allow you to personalise by purchasing their individual lettering at $9.95 per letter (Gold only). The lettering has a small pin on the back which you push through the holes on one of their bags and then simply attatch the backing to the pin and its ready to go. Available online and in some of the major city stores.



Neue Blvd-I came across this little gem on Instagram. Their pom pom key chain caught my eye as it’s a refreshing take on the original Fendi Pom Pom with the beautiful addition of hot stamping your initials on the leather attatchment. They are based online with an amazing range of homewares and giftware also. Their monogrammed pieces include; Cushions, Pillows, key chains, ipad cases, phone cases and card holders.



Bombardier Designs-
I personally love their social media page, they have such great {on point} chic styles and personalised homeware offerings. One of their cute pieces is a Mr and Mrs {Insert Name} travel bag tags and a gorgeous range of name candles, initial towels and cushions. Another fabu-luxe online store for personalisation.



Anna Quan-
Known for her amazing long length cuff shirts with bespoke monogramming initals stitched onto the cuff. Simply purchase the shirt, then email the Anna Quan team to confirm your initials specifications and they will add it to your order for an extra $20. We can’t get anough of the uber chic and quirky styled cuffs on these shirts.


Edie Parker-
Edie Parker is an American label which you can order and purchase on their online store. Known for their bespoke acrylic clutches which you can have your name imprinted inside the acrylic. Very fun and quirky. From 10 different acrylic clutch colours and 11 different text colours to customise from.


Above example

Above example-


The rise of personalisation has undoubtedly strengthened the bond between the company and the consumer and it’s a reoccuring trend that I would love to see stay.
Whether it is clothing, accessories or home décor, personalisation makes a subtle statement that not only allows us to express our style and uniqueness but it adds a special touch that is just for YOU!