Personalised Style Guides

Style guides are the perfect souvenir from your styling experience and go-to style bible for all of your outfits styled by Josephine in the comfort of a hard copy book as well as digital soft copy images sent to your email. This is such a handy book to look for inspiration, or for those days where you’re not sure what to wear and have forgotten which pieces go with what.

All outfits are created based on your lifestyle requirements including casual, smart casual, dressy/evening and work.

You have the option to have this as an add on feature or included in some of the packages; ‘Wardrobe Refresh‘, ‘Style Makeover’ and the ‘GirlBoss Wardrobe Update‘ packages.

What you gain from having a Personalised Style Guide-

  • A keepsake of the styling experience
  • Outfits that you can look upon so that you never forget how to style them
  • Having your outfits categorised in casual, smart casual, dressy and work in your book
  • A guide to mix and match, easily dress and outfit up or down with one or two accessories
  • Create new ideas with inspiration from your look book
  • 20 outfits included, $50 additional for an extra 10 outfits

IMG_3673  Stylebook Image 4  

(Some examples above)