Shopping Experiences

These are designed to:

  • Help you find the right pieces for your body shape, lifestyle, colours, style identity and budget.
  • Discover the right versatile key pieces that will style with your current wardrobe
  • Teach you how to shop smarter, which ultimately saves you money and time.
  • Introduce you to new styles and labels that fit within your personalised criteria
  • Show you how to enjoy shopping by having a stylist to guide you the whole way through the experience

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Shopping Experiences are essential if you:

  • Currently don’t have the time to shop
  • Waste money when you go out shopping and never end up wearing your purchases
  • Indecisive and unsure about what to buy
  • Can’t stand the thought of browsing through multiple stores, items and not knowing what to purchase
  • Have quite a lot of missing pieces in your wardrobe and you are in need of an update
  • Are stuck styling the same outfits every time and need a fresh outlook and opinion
  • Have lost your sense of style due to weight loss, weight gain, change of lifestyle, career change and need to start from scratch.
  • Want to create go-to looks and outfits for your everyday lifestyle
  • Struggle to find other labels and brands that suit you
  • Sick of being bombarded by retailers selling you the wrong items that you never end up wearing
  • Unsure about accessories and how to style your outfits together and what accessorise to purchase
  • Have an undefined signature style/personal brand

Process of a Shopping Experience:

  • We organise a day to meet in Sydney CBD Westfield for the shopping experience (Excludes shopping tours)
  • All garments and outfits are put aside in the change rooms for you before you even arrive
  • Learn loads of styling tips along the way, as well as being introduced to new labels and stores that work within your budget and are perfect for your shape
  • Discover new style options and the best versatile pieces to mix and match for your personal style and lifestyle
  • An experience tailored to your individual needs
  • Save money with Josephine’s discounts in certain stores
  • Items to purchase are usually decided at the end after Josephine has styled you in all of the different options so that you get the best bang for your buck and that we choose ultimately the BEST pieces!
  • For a 3 hour shop expect 20+ items to take home


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Customer Experiences:

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