Hi I’m Josephine, lovely to meet you!

Every person on the planet has at some stage struggled with their confidence. Men. Women. Even me.

Growing up, I struggled with body image and confidence. As a shy introvert I created a hard shell because I never believed anyone would accept me for me – a kind, shy, fun-loving girl.
That was until I embarked on a mission of self-discovery.

For 10 years, I’ve worked in the fashion styling industry and with celebrities, and whilst I loved it, my heart has always felt fullest helping everyday women from the inside out and where it truly matters most…

With their confidence and empowerment through personal style

My clients are ready to embrace change, and they understand it takes time; Adjusting the way they shop, the clothes you choose, the outfits you want to create and the way you express your true self requires a collaborative journey we take together.

Building a recognisable, respected and revered personal image is not something we achieve in 1 short session.
We don’t believe in creating an ‘instant wardrobe transformation’. 

My clients are discerning with their purchases, learning along the way about what colours, cuts and silhouettes to look out for and what investment pieces to collect, which means we work together over a minimum of 2 seasons, at their pace.

A style reinvention is a commitment to quality, discernment and personal growth that I am honoured to share with clients.

It requires a commitment to learning the fundamental aesthetic principles underpinning an incredible well dressed woman; colour, silhouette, proportion, creative edge.

I invite you to invest in yourself, your wardrobe and your personal growth with me.

“Body Confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the perfect body. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.
Thanks to the power of illusion dressing!” -Josephine

Shopping with my client

The most rewarding gift…

Is to help you embrace your true beauty and confidence, teach you how to love shopping (because it can be easy and fun, trust me!) and, ultimately, helping you to nail your signature style time and time again.

You will learn how to EMBRACE your inner and outer beauty, TRANSFORM your style and be more EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT.