Hey it’s Josephine Eve, Personal Stylist, lovely to meet you!

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Every person on the planet has at some stage struggled with their confidence. Men. Women. Even me.

For 5 years, I worked in the fashion industry and with celebrities, and whilst I loved it, my heart has always felt fullest helping mums, corporate men and women and entrepreneurs … from the inside out and where it truly matters most…

With their confidence.

It’s so true that when you look good, you feel amazing.

Growing up, I struggled with body image and confidence. As a shy introvert I created a hard shell because I never believed anyone would accept me for me – a kind, shy, fun-loving girl.
That was until I embarked on a mission of self-discovery.

Sometimes you just gotta go through the pain and hard times to take a stand and say enough is enough, this is not the life I want to lead and the example I want to be to my kids.

Like you, I wanted to be confident, and happy with my body and own my style!

Loving thy self can be one of the hardest journeys, but what a true and honest life to live by setting an example for everyone else.

So, I get you completely.


The most rewarding gift-

My business allows me to serve my purpose; helping clients to embrace their true beauty, teaching them how to love shopping (because it can be easy and fun) and, ultimately, helping them to nail their signature style time and time again.

I’m so passionate about helping people all over the globe achieve confidence and nail their personal brand, and my mission has always been to help people overcome the doubts in themselves to reach their lifestyle and wardrobe goals.

You will learn how to EMBRACE your inner and outer beauty, TRANSFORM your style and be more EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT.

And it all starts with your confidence, so let’s make that your signature!

Then we can get on with styling your lovely self with either a Wardrobe refresh, Wardrobe Update, Style Confidence  or a Personal Shopping package.