Men’s Wardrobe Update

Transform your style by discovering what works for you and enhance your existing style. Together we will refresh your wardrobe and find new pieces to create a variety of looks to ensure you always look and feel your best.

1st session (your place):

1 hr Consultation

We discuss-

  • Your wardrobe, shopping and lifestyle focused goals
  • Your current struggles and issues to ultimately come up with a solution
  • Your styling preferences and measurements
  • Where you are currently shopping for clothes and looking at introducing you to new stores/labels
  • Learning what colours best suit your palette
  • Taking you through styling exercises to determine your underlying style identity

3 hr Wardrobe Edit

  • Where we explore new ways to create various looks to suit your lifestyle, style and goals
  • Culling clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t align with your goals or that don’t help your style
  • Learn how to accessorise your outfits in a stylish, simplified and practical way
  • Discover the missing versatile pieces that will ultimately enhance your look and style
  • Learn which pieces may need sight altering to fit you better
  • Have your wardrobe organised in a more stylish, neat and practical way

2nd session (Sydney CBD):

3 hr Shopping Experience

  • All garments and outfits are put aside in the change rooms for you before you even arrive
  • Learn loads of styling tips along the way, as well as being introduced to new budget friendly labels that fit properly and suit your current lifestyle.
  • Discover go-to outfits which are a mix of versatile/timeless staples and signature style pieces
  • An experience tailored to your individual needs

Bonus Inclusions-

  • A mini seasonal colour palette swatch based on your hair, eye and skin colour.
  • A ‘Wardrobe 101 Contacts & Website Recommendations’ PDF which includes tailors, how to sell/donate your items as well as wardrobe solutions.

+ Add On Extras-

Personalised (2 Page) Style Report

Additional $100 (optional)-

Includes your:

  • Your top colours
  • Best clothing styles
  • Personal Style
  • Descriptive Style
  • Shops to Shop at
  • Shopping List
  • Personal Brand Style Board

Price = $897*

* Price excludes add on features: Style Report

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