Men’s Wardrobe Update

Men's Wardrobe Update

If your look is in need of an update and some excitement, let me help you elevate and transform your style by showing what staple key pieces work for you to enhance and add on to what you already have … your existing wardrobe.

Together we will refresh your wardrobe and find new pieces to create a variety of looks to ensure you always look and feel your best.

Versatility in your wardrobe is the key to success!

It’s time for an update. Are you ready?


  • Limited time to spend on wardrobe and shopping and need someone to take the lead.
  • Corporate roles who need to ‘update’ their wardrobe and define their signature looks for ease and comfort and snap up a promotion.
  • Those who are unsure what pieces to throw out, what to wear more often and what to get tailored.
  • Those who hate shopping and want to learn how to simplify things and shop smarter.
  • Those who would like to accessorise their outfits for casual, smart casual and work – so everything just works!
  • Those stuck in a style or outfit rut and need to learn to mix and match to create more looks with the present wardrobe.
  • Have had a recent change in career, lifestyle, weight gain/loss and appearance.


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We discuss-

  • Your wardrobe, shopping pattern and lifestyle goals
  • Your current struggles and issues with fashion
  • Your styling preferences, measurements and body shape
  • Where you currently shop for clothes and suggestions for new stores/labels
  • What colours best suit your skin-tone and the ones to stay away from
  • Some styling exercises to determine your underlying style identity
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  • New ways to create various looks to suit your lifestyle, dress style and life goals
  • Culling clothes, shoes and accessories that are not serving you any more
  • How to accessorise your outfits in a stylish, simplified and practical way
  • The missing versatile pieces that will complete your look and style
  • Which pieces need altering to flatter your shape more
  • How to organise your wardrobe in a more stylish, neater and practical way


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  • All garments and outfits will be waiting in the changing room for you before you even arrive
  • Learn styling tips along the way, and get introduced to new labels that fall within your budget
  • Discover new style options and versatile mix and match pieces that work for you
  • In all, an experience tailored to your individual needs


A ‘Personalised top colours’ PDF
or a ‘Mini Seasonal Colour Swatch’ based on your hair, eye and skin colour.

A ‘Wardrobe 101 Directory’ PDF
which includes tailors, places to sell/donate your items and a list of wardrobe solutions

A ‘Shopping List’ PDF
which includes a detailed description of pieces to add over the next few months (post shop)


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You have two options– you can either pay via the BOOK A WARDROBE UPDATE button where you can pay via Stripe and Paypal using; credit card, visa, master card or American Express.

OR you can pay via bank transfer/invoice, please email Josephine your preferred package and if there is a specific date you would like to book in then she will email the invoice with bank details to pay. Payment must be made in full to lock in your session date.

Josephine will be in contact with you via email within 24 hours to organise your session dates and times.
Once this has been organised, Josephine will send you a form to fill out and some homework to complete prior to your Consultation.

It is advised to book the Consultation and Wardrobe Edit at least 5-7 days before the Shopping session so that Josephine has time to research and gather the looks for you.

Josephine will offer a full refund for packages that haven’t been carried out and will need to be notified at least 48 hours prior to first session.

Refunds cannot be issued if sessions have been carried out already. A refund will be issued of remaining sessions if required.

At least 48 hours notice is needed, due to high demand, there will be a rescheduling fee of $150 if less than 48 hours.

Josephine will email you the exact details of what to expect, plan and prepare for on the day.

An example: make sure that you have all of your pieces in your wardrobe or in the one room and not left in the wash etc.

Josephine will look at everything that is of the current season that you are in e.g.; Spring/Summer wardrobe or Autumn/Winter wardrobe

Everything from shirts, jackets, coats, suits, pants, jeans, shorts, basics, drawers of old & unworn clothing, shoes, accessories and basically anything that is relevant to be worn.

 Josephine styles all of her clients in selected stores within the Sydney CBD including Westfield, Mid City Centre, QVB, The Strand, David Jones, Myer and various boutiques throughout the city.
It all depends on what your needs and your budget limitations are for each item e.g.; maximum spend on a- blazer, suit, jeans, shoes etc.
A common misconception is that stylists are for the rich and famous and will take you to high end stores, but with Josephine rest assured, you are in safe hands and will not style you in anything thats out of budget or your lifestyle requirements.

Josephine can work with any budget you have but to maximise your time and money spent on Josephine’s services, it is advised that $1000 for a 3 hour shopping session would be a good starting point to work with.
If you want more than a few outfits or a variety of quality long lasting staple pieces, then it is advised to have a more flexible budget of $2000+

Unlike a lot of other stylists, Josephine does not take commission from the stores. Where possible, Josephine will try to help you save by getting YOU the stylist discounts ranging from 10%-35% off in some stores.

Josephine is an expert in body shape styling and caters to all body shapes and sizes as well as all heights.