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‘Women have to find their own personality, their own style, and what suits them the best’ Francois Nars, founder of Nars cosmetics

Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and said: “I just don’t have anything to wear?” Yet, you have a wardrobe full of clothes staring back at you.
This is one of the most common scenarios my clients and I discuss when we meet to talk about their Wardrobe Refresh.
Much of the time, we do this because we just haven’t found our own signature style and what outfits suit us best.



FACT: There are so many factors that can influence your shopping habits and impulse buying when left alone in a centre full of shops.

It can be daunting and you may get overwhelmed.

To combat these issues and buy only what you feel comfortable in and look stunning in … I invite you to book a Wardrobe Update.



There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with confidence.

Sadly, as a personal stylist, living in Sydney, this is an area I see so many women struggling with.

Is this an area you struggle in?

If you just heard yourself answer yes … I’m here for you and understand how you feel.



Shopping … one woman’s love is another woman’s loathe!

I am very happy to report that, as a personal stylist to women, I LOVE shopping and can help take away the pain and frustrations you have with shopping for clothes.
Just as you would hire a health expert, business mentor or life coach to help you in a specific area for your life, so do women hire a personal stylist to help align your wardrobe to your lifestyle and goals as well.

Wardrobe Refresh