Women’s Styling


I specialise in Personal Styling for women, having worked with a diverse range of clients, including mums, professionals, retiree’s and those undergoing significant life changes.

My styling packages focus on empowering you with essential principles that complement your body shape and enable smarter shopping for confident style choices.

If you are looking for guidance and help in revamping your wardrobe and enhancing your personal style, you’re in the right place because:

a) I’ll help elevate your current style, ensuring you look good and exude confidence through your outfit choices.

b) With my expertise, you’ll discover the perfect pieces that suit you best and where to shop for them, accentuating your unique beauty.

Embark on a transformative journey with my personal styling packages, embracing a refined sense of style and newfound self-confidence.


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  • Gain confidence through a defined signature style and outfits that flatter you
  • Learn how to balance your body shape with clothing no matter how much it fluctuates
  • Learn how to style your outfits together in a simplified way to suit your everyday lifestyle, colouring and personality
  • Have an organised, neat and clutter-free wardrobe
  • Discover new stores and labels that suit your style and provide quality, comfort, that are budget friendly
  • Learn what colours best suit your palette and your personality
  • We will explore new ways to style your wardrobe, giving you a new perspective for those in a style rut.
  • Discard clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t align with your goals or help your style.
  • You will learn to maintain and manage your wardrobe.
  • Learn how to accessorise your outfits in a stylish minimalistic way
  • Save wardrobe items with simple alterations to make better use of them.
  • Enjoy shopping with an expert stylist to guide you the whole way through the styling experience

Personal Shopping

Wanting a few new outfits to add your wardrobe, but don’t want to cull and organise your wardrobe just yet?

Wardrobe Update

Wanting help with your wardrobe as well as gaining the perfect outfits and core staples in a shopping session?

Style Confidence

Wanting to ‘go all out’ on your style and confidence with an overhaul of your wardrobe, & learn how to style everything?