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You have two options– you can either pay via the BOOK NOW button where you can pay via Stripe or Paypal using; credit card, visa, master card or American Express.

OR you can pay via bank transfer/invoice, please email Josephine your preferred package and if there is a specific date you would like to book in then she will email the invoice with bank details to pay. Payment must be made in full to lock in your session date/s.

We can offer you split payments for the Wardrobe Update package or the Style Confidence package upon request, however the remaining amount of the package needs to be paid at least 48 hours prior to your first session.

Split payment are not available for purchasing Gift Certificates.

Josephine will be in contact with you via email within 24 hours to organise your session dates and times.
Once this has been organised, Josephine will send you a form to fill out and some homework to complete prior to your Consultation.

You have two options to secure an appointment date and time-

OPTION 1- Pay in full for your package of choice and then allocate your preferred date and time. Your preferred date and time cannot always be guaranteed as it is subject to our availability, however we can discuss via email or phone dates and times available for your sessions. OR

OPTION 2- You can contact us at enquiries@josephineeve.com or via phone to discuss availability for both parties. Once we have some tentative dates penciled in, you are then required to pay for the service or package in full to secure and lock in your session appointments.

It is advised to book your sessions at least 2 days to 1 weeks apart from each session so that Josephine has time to research, prepare and gather the looks for you and so that you are fresh in mind.

No, the package amount is purely our service fees for the complete hours of the styling experience.
Your shopping budget is additional and is up to the individual to decide on an appropriate budget for the experience.

Josephine can work with any budget however, to maximise your time and money spent on Josephine’s services, it is recommended, to have at least $3000+ for a 3 hour shopping experience and for a wardrobe overhaul we recommend $5000+ would help you find and take home a larger variety of pieces.

We can also discuss your budget in the Style Consultation, and whether you prefer to invest in quality over quantity or if you prefer luxe for less options only, or a mix of both quality and affordable options.

Yes if you live more than 30minutes from the Sydney CBD, you will be charged half of my hourly rate per hour of travel time to your house and back for all wardrobe sessions. My hourly rate is $150

So if you live within an hour of the Sydney CBD the extra cost will be $75 there and $75 back = total $150

Some examples of areas that incur additional travel fees- Woollongong, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle, Blacktown, Camden, Campbelltown, Penrith, Dural etc…

We offer full refunds for packages that haven’t been carried out and will need to be notified at least 48 hours prior to first session.

Refunds cannot be issued if sessions have been carried out already.

There are no refunds for Gift Certificates.

At least 2 weeks notice is needed, your session cost will be forfeited if cancelling under 48 hours and you will need to re-book and pay for the session again.

We will email you the exact details of what to expect, plan and prepare for, for your sessions.

An example: make sure that you have all of your pieces in your wardrobe or in the one room and not left in the wash, or for the shopping day wear comfortable easy to change in and out of clothes etc.

We will look at everything that is of the current season that you are in e.g.; Spring/Summer wardrobe or Autumn/Winter wardrobe

Everything from tops, shirts, jackets, coats, suits, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, basics, drawers of old & unworn clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and basically anything that is relevant to be worn.

Josephine styles her clients in a vast selection of stores within both Bondi Junction Westfield and the Sydney CBD area including Westfield, Mid City Centre, QVB, The Strand, David Jones, Myer and various boutiques throughout the city.
Everything will be dependent on your needs and your budget limitations are for each item e.g.; maximum spend on a- blazer, dress, jeans, shoes etc.
A common misconception is that stylists are for the rich and famous and will take you to high end stores, but with Josephine rest assured, you are in safe hands and will not style you in anything thats out of budget or your lifestyle requirements.

Unlike a lot of other personal stylists, Josephine DOES NOT take commission from the stores. Where possible, Josephine will try to help you save by getting YOU the stylist discounts ranging from 10%-25% off in some stores.

Josephine is an expert in body shape styling and caters from size 4 – size 22+, tall, petite, all body shapes and sizes.

Each individual person has a different set of budget limitations to spend on each piece, and preferences on quality/investment vs luxe for less etc.

In the consultation we discuss what your budget limitations to spend on a; top, blazer, jeans, shoes etc so that we are aware of what your boundaries are.
This helps us to stick within a budget frame for each item that will help you to feel comfortable and confident when you are trying on pieces and when the items are taken to the counter to purchase.
We generally aim to get you between 10-20 items within a 3 hour shop and can add more/less depending on your budget and other requirements.

In most cases no. We provide the highest level of care when preparing everything for you, so we offer a one of a kind service that most stylists do not offer- a ‘Pre-shop’ which is where Josephine comes in the day before puts aside all of the researched pieces and looks on hold that you will be trying on.

This is to manage our time more effectively in your shopping experience.

If required to wait, it will generally be for changing sizes, grabbing alternative items to try on or grabbing pieces from out the back that have been placed on hold for you.

To remember and take stock of the best pieces  that you’ve tried on, we take photos (with your phone) of each outfit or piece on you which helps keep track throughout the session.

By the end of the shop, we can sit down and go through the images and sort out which of the items are ultimately the best value for your wardrobe and lifestyle to purchase. This way, you are saving a lot of money, and learning how to shop smarter as apposed to purchasing everything you like on the spot and ending up blowing the budget unnecessarily.

Still have a question? Please email us at enquiries@josephineeve.com or call us on 0431253606