Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. Is the shopping budget included in the total package amount?

A- No, the package amount is purely my service fees for the complete hours of the styling experience. Shopping budget is additional.

Q. How much should I need for the shopping experience?

A- I cater to all budgets, but generally speaking if we are spending a minimum of 3 hours shopping, I prefer you to get the most out of the session as possible. The lowest budget I’ve worked with is $500 and the average budget my clients usually spend is between $1000-$3000 for the shop.

Q. How many items would I be able to get in a 3-hour shopping experience?

A- I like to style my clients in a mix of quality, versatile and budget friendly pieces (depending on your budget requirements).
In the consultation I discuss with you what your budget limits are on a reasonable amount to spend on a; top, blazer, jeans, shoes etc..
This helps me to stick within a budget frame for each item that will help you to feel comfortable and confident when you are trying on pieces and when the items are taken to the counter to purchase.
I generally aim to get you between 10-20 items within a 3 hour shop and can add more/less depending on budget and other requirements.

Q. As an estimate, how many pieces would clients usually try on?

A- I try to be as selective and thorough in my research to find you the ultimate pieces for your wardrobe and lifestyle needs. If it’s for a 3 hour Wardrobe Update or Style Makeover shop, I would allow between 20-50 pieces to be tried on.

Q. If I’m trying on all of the pieces in different shops how do I remember which piece to buy?

A- I like to take shots of each outfit or piece on you with either your phone (or mine) and I keep track of the prices so that at the end of the shop, we can sit down and go through the images and sort out which of the items are ultimately the best value for your wardrobe and lifestyle to purchase. That way, you are saving a lot of money, and learning how to shop smarter as apposed to purchasing everything you like and ending up blowing the budget.

Q. Where do you style your clients?

A- I style the majority of my clients in the Sydney CBD and surrounds, unless requested interstate. Expect to visit Sydney Westfield, Strand Arcade, Queen Victoria Building, Major department stores, boutiques, and optional; Paddington, Woollahra and Double Bay.

Q. Will I be standing around while you’re searching through the clothing racks for pieces for me to try on?

A- Absolutely not. I don’t like wasting my clients shopping time, so I actually do quite a lot of research and ‘pre shop’ instead. ‘Pre Shop’ is where I come into the stores prior to you arriving and put everything aside or in the change rooms so the items are ready to try on so there is no time wasted when styling you.

Q. How do the packages sessions work? Will all sessions be carried out on the same day?

A- With my ‘Wardrobe Refresh’ package, the consultation and wardrobe edit is generally always carried out on the same day so you will need to allow 4 hours for this styling experience.
With all other packages offered, I don’t offer same day service for all sessions to be carried out. Generally I like to allow between 1-3 weeks to carry out all sessions in the package you’ve purchased.

Q. What are the available payment options?

A- Generally I find it’s a quick and easy option for my clients to purchase their package via the book now, which will take your payment online via Paypal/credit card.
Otherwise I offer invoicing for you to transfer via bank transfer or bank deposit.
If you have difficulties in paying for the styling package in full, I offer split payments. 50% of the total of the package to be paid to secure appointment date and time and at least 48 hours prior to the first consultation. The remaining 50% to be paid at least 48 hours prior to the next styling session.
Please note: I do not offer payment plans for ‘Gift Certificates’, ‘Gift Vouchers’ or for the ‘Wardrobe Refresh’ package.

Q. How do I lock in an appointment?

A- You will need to secure your appointment either with full payment via the ‘Book Now’ and preferred date and time for me to respond to your email with availability. Or you can enquire about my availability via the contact me page and then secure payment online.

Q. Do you make money/commission off what I purchase or the stores you take me to?

A- Absolutely not. There are some stylists out there that make commission on the side for styling their clients in certain brands, but that is something that I won’t do.
If anything, I get YOU the discounts using my stylist discount, so that you’re the one that benefits in the end, which is what I like to see! 🙂

Q. Do you incur travel fees when you come to my house if I live far from the city? 

A- Yes if you live more than 30minutes from the Sydney CBD, I charge half of my hourly rate per hour of travel time to your house and back.
So if you live within an hour of the Sydney CBD the extra cost will be $55 there and $55 back = total $110