Client Pre Consultation Questions

Pre Consultation Questions

  • This is to help Josephine determine your colouring
  • This is crucial to help Josephine determine your body shape
  • This is to understand the starting point of where your style is currently at.
  • *Wardrobe Edit clients only
  • Optional*
  • (Eg; Wanting to gain a higher role in work place, change of lifestyle or living location etc...)
  • (Please also specify whether you wear more pants as opposed to skirts and dresses etc..)
    You can select as many or as little as you like. If you don't know the style definition you can just leave it.
  • Eg; Sensitivity to itchy fabrics like wools, alpaca or mohair etc. Material examples: Silk, cotton, linen, Nylon, polyester, suede, leather, lace, stretchy fabrics, cashmere etc...
  • Please include all labels that you have in your wardrobe as well as shoes and accessories labels/stores etc..