Men’s Event Styling

Make sure you look the part at any event with my Event Styling service. Looking your best is an absolute must for that special occasion to ensure the best experience for your event. And we all know half of the fun is in the preparation! Let me take all the hassle out of getting ready and give you a relaxed, enjoyable styling session aimed at creating the best outfit and look for your special event.

Whether you’re needing an outfit for a wedding event, its your 30th, 40th, 50th birthday milestone, Ball/Gala or red carpet event, i’ve got you covered for the show stopping outfit of your dreams!

Consultation (45 mins via Skype or face-face)

  • We will look at various options to suit your event, budget and circumstances.
  • You will learn what colours and styles best suit you.
  • I will give you body shape tips and advice you can utilise for future events.

Shopping Experience (2 Hours)

  • All garments and outfits put aside in the change rooms for you before you even arrive!
  • An experience tailored to your individual and event requirements.
  • Enjoy shopping with a qualified personal fashion stylist.
  • Take the time and stress out of trying to find an outfit for your special occasion
  • Discover new style options and find out what works for you.