Men’s Wardrobe Refresh

Josephine helps to cull, organize and give new perspective on your wardrobe as well as teaching you the skills and knowledge required to create fast, fashionable looks with your current wardrobe. You will ultimately have more confidence in styling your outfits in your current wardrobe and a clear, clutter-free, organized space.

This package is great for you if you don’t want to go shopping just yet, but would prefer a clearer, organised, and styled wardrobe.

The 4 hour session at your place includes-

1 hr Consultation

We discuss-

  • Your wardrobe, shopping and lifestyle focused goals
  • Your current struggles and issues to ultimately come up with a solution
  • Your styling preferences and measurements
  • Where you are currently shopping for clothes and looking at introducing you to new stores/labels
  • Learning what colours best suit your palette
  • Taking you through styling exercises to determine your underlying style identity

 3 hr Wardrobe Edit

  • Where we explore new ways to create various looks to suit your lifestyle, style and goals
  • Culling clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t align with your goals or that don’t help your style
  • Learn how to accessorise your outfits in a stylish, simplified and practical way
  • Discover the missing versatile pieces that will ultimately enhance your look and style
  • Learn which pieces may need sight altering to better flatter your shape
  • Have your wardrobe organised in a more stylish, neat and practical way

Bonus Inclusions-

  • A mini seasonal colour palette swatch based on your hair, eye and skin colour
  • A ‘Wardrobe 101 Contacts & Website Recommendations’ PDF which includes tailors, how to sell/donate your items as well as wardrobe solutions.


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