What my clients have to say...

 Thanks so much to Josephine. I have really valued her help and it has certainly changed my experience with my wardrobe dramatically! I’ve gone from not being comfortable at all with getting dressed for work to having a sense of my signature style, feeling confident in my own skin and even liking shopping!! Best money I have spent in a very long time! 
 Josephine is a fabulous stylist. I gained confidence from my outside but also from my inside with her styling. She was passionate, professional and helpful. I really respect her and I sincerely appreciate her !! 
 My experience with Josephine was completely transformational. I didn’t know what I needed but I knew I needed help with creating a better image of myself. I don’t think I realised exactly the enormity of the task we had both taken on at the start, but I went with it and trusted Josephine. A complete transformation for me has occurred and Josephine held the space for that to occur over a few weeks. I took on the complete style makeover package. At the start practically none of my clothes fitted properly, after losing 10 – 12 kg, and my styling was non-existent. I was swimming around underneath my clothes most of the time but had no idea that items simply weren’t fitting me. I had a dreadful relationship with shopping, often walking in and out of shops, overwhelmed with styles and items that didn’t seem to suit my shape, colouring or feel. I was also looking for the wrong sized clothing. When I found something that I thought worked for me I’d buy several items, as it could be years before I’d find something again. Basically my shopping sense and idea of my personal fashion was a massive disaster zone. Her eye, seeing what wasn’t fitting, why it didn’t fit in terms of size or style or colour, where a line or length could change the total appearance of the garment, was very educational. Josephine stripped away the clothes that weren’t working for me, and helped me find the style and image that was lurking underneath. She put much effort into finding the right clothes for me to try, and in doing so also helped me understand how to find these clothes myself, and to not be afraid of going into shops or looking for styles on-line. She is a powerhouse of energy when it comes to shopping. She tracked down items in all sorts of stores, as some of my style isn’t necessarily in the mainstream of fashion right now. We shopped and styled face to face and also in a virtual shopping session and Josephine was so on the ball, sourcing items as we worked together. Overall confidence building! Once I had my inner style and allowed it out into the open, I find my new wardrobe reflects it completely. And I am so happy with it. Josephine’s decisions and guidance about what worked for me or didn’t work was spot on. I’ve regained confidence on how to find and wear my style, colours and fit. Now I have people commenting positively about me, on my clothes, my figure, my accessories and I’m confident about that. It’s good to be noticed like this. Thank you Josephine! 
 I was fortunate to have Josephine Eve join me for a day of shopping while visiting Sydney on holiday. I had wanted to see designs I couldn’t find in New York, visit boutiques that aren’t listed in any guide books, tour neighborhoods that are special to locals, and — most important — find pieces that would complement my wardrobe, enhance my appearance, fit my budget and remind me of a very special vacation. Josephine came through with flying colors! She has excellent relationships with designers and salespeople, which made me feel like a VIP at every shop. She helped me select items I might not have tried without her encouragement, and find pieces that work with my lifestyle back home and that I know I will treasure for many seasons. It was a really successful day of shopping, which felt like a wonderful day spent with a good friend. She’s as lovely as she is talented, and she works hard (pre-shopping before my visit and coordinating an ideal day) to make sure she is able to deliver for her clients. Josephine is the perfect private shopping guide and stylist for anyone who wants to see (and try on) the best Sydney has to offer, and make it their own. 
Lauren Ryder
 Josephine was fantastic to work with. She worked with me to define my personal brand style for my business and we got some incredible professional images for my business portfolio, website and LinkedIn. I highly recommend her ability to capture the essence of my brands personality into all of my work wardrobe. I’m looking forward to seeing her again for a seasonal wardrobe update! 
 The most amazing experience! I was so nervous waiting for my appointment with Josephine but within minutes she had me feeling comfortable and at ease. I was blown away by how much time and effort had been put into my shopping experience prior to me turning up. I left with so many incredible outfits that flattered my figure perfectly and renewed my confidence post baby. Looking forward to doing it all again next time I am in Sydney. 
 Thanks so much Josephine – you completely got me out of my ‘mummy’ rut. When I first found you I felt so lost with my wardrobe. Plus add that to a changed body shape, minimal time and all the other hazards of having a baby.. I knew I needed to make drastic changes. I’m so glad I was recommended to you. The time and effort you spent with me was amazing. You helped me sort out my existing wardrobe and giving me exact colours, accessories and styles to wear (and not to wear) left me with focus and a clear vision. Then the great shopping day we had and the amazing detail you had gone to in choosing all the clothes for me before I arrived. Plus the final stage of mixing my new pieces back into my wardrobe to work out my ‘outfits’. Your help was the boost I needed to get my style back and embrace my new found life of motherhood. Now I not only feel confident in my new outfits – but you’ve saved me so much time in getting ready. I’m constantly wearing the outfits you put together for me (and always getting compliments on how put-together I look) – and you’ve taught me how to shop with purpose knowing exactly what suits me. Thank you Josephine! 
 Josephine is a legend! With her help I have lots of new outfits and at the same time more space in my wardrobe, I didn’t know it could exist! She is so organised and so professional. I never thought it was possible to be so productive in such a short amount of time. Normally to buy a couple of items it would take me half a day. She managed to organise our shopping so well that it took us five hours to buy pretty much my whole wardrobe! She helped me to find my style. Nothing can compare with the feeling when I look in the mirror, and how I present myself now as a classy lady. It increased my self-esteem! Thank you so so much Josephine for making me more beautiful and confident! 
 Since my Wardrobe Refresh with Josephine, getting dressed and putting together a stylish outfit is so much easier – and best of all, shopping is no longer feels like a chore! Josephine helped me feel much more confident in selecting pieces that I love and that are right for my skin tone and body shape… I learnt so much and I hadn’t anticipated on seeing such a significant impact from such a small investment. Josephine was really professional and I got so much out of the experience. I’d recommend her to all my friends and family. 
 After having children and working from home I had a tendency to live in my active gear. Although I had a lot of clothes I never felt confident putting together different styles and was losing my confidence in how to dress my body type. I knew I was only wearing 20% of my wardrobe too, but could not bring myself to throw out clothes that I thought I would wear one day. I was convinced to engage Josephine Eve for the full services after our first consultation. I was really impressed by her ability to get to know me and understand what my expectations were including working within a budget. Within a very short time she quickly threw together a number of outfits from my existing wardrobe which I had never been able to do. At the wardrobe overhaul I have to admit it was difficult getting rid of clothes, some with original price tags still attached. However, the result was all worth it as it was such a cleansing experience. For the first time I could actually take stock of what I had in my wardrobe and what needed to be added to it. The shopping experience was a lot of fun with Josephine who has such passion and enthusiasm for what she does. Prior to meeting with her she had spent a number of hours beforehand selecting clothes and accessories she felt would be suitable. It was this part that Josephine’s’ love for styling became apparent. She was so efficient and if a style did not look perfect it was off and on to the next straight away. Her energy on the day was amazing. Once I had the clothes and accessories I knew I needed the book as I would have been back to the beginning with all these clothes and accessories in my wardrobe but no ability to put them all together. Being the perfectionist that she is Josephine produced the most beautiful stylish book with a range of different styling options for the pieces we had bought. I can assure you the book is getting a serious workout. I am delighted to have met and engaged Josephine and intend to stay with her as she has given me a level of confidence in dressing that I did not have before. 
 I was thoroughly impressed with my shopping experience with Josephine. Her professional, yet friendly nature had me feeling very relaxed and a confidence from the start. Being unable to find that “perfect event dress” I was referred to Josephine Eve and I was not disappointed. She was able to gain what suited me – colour and style – and in just over an hour I had a dress that I loved. Josephine’s after service follow up was also excellent, providing further advice of styles and matching. 
 I have worked with Josephine several times and have found her work exceptional. In particular she styled me for the premiere of my first film and the AACTA Awards last year with great success. She chose my outfit perfectly so I felt confident and stylish which is not normally my modus operandi. She also did a much required wardrobe cull which was long overdue and has helped me to understand the style that is truly me. I would recommend Josephine to anyone in need of advice when it comes to fashion and styling. 
 Josephine is an absolute pleasure to work with, she shows pure passion and commitment to her clients and it shows in the service received. She was so diligent and attentive to my needs and wants. She is very thorough and pays close attention to detail. I was inundated with countless options and outfit possibilities for my event. She looked into the event and ensured I would be dressed appropriately and really helped me stand out above the crowd. I attended a Valentines Day event and Josephine went to the trouble of coordinating a red love heart shaped clutch with my initials engraved as a gift (proof of her creativity and attention to detail). When dressed by Josephine, you are sure to make an impact, she is up to date with fashion trends and works around your style and preferences.