Styling Methods’ Bundle

All 5 Styling Methods’ Bundle

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Description of PDF:

Do you want to know all the insider styling tips to create effortless outfits just for you?

I’ve packaged up 7+ years of insider styling tips and created the Styling Methods Bundle.

Within it you’ll get access to my 5 signature styling methods, which when applied together, will help transform your confidence & nail your outfits every time. And help you to avoid those disastrous wardrobe fails, which everyone dreads.

What you’ll learn inside my brand-new Style Methods Bundle:

– Dressing for Your Body Shape, no matter how much it changes
– Creating Your Signature Style
– Creating Effortless Outfits for Your Lifestyle
– Enhancing Your Outfit with Statement & Staple Pieces
– Creating a Balanced Look That Reflects Your Personality

What You Get?

  • 5 guides jammed packed with tips, ideas, inspiration, and worksheets so you can nail your style and outfits
  • 50 style ideas
  • All guides are downloadable online password encrypted pdfs
  • 132 pages of value packed content to give you inspiration and help you create a whole new look that you love.

Usually $200, down to $120 saving you a huge 40% off if you purchase all 5 in this styling methods bundle today.

Customer Reviews

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Smart casual work outfits sorted!

By Tash Delphin  21st October 2021
Josephine’s Styling Methods bundle is so informative! She provides the details that have given me the confidence to find and develop my own unique style by understanding my body shape and she gives great examples in each style guide. Each guide is easy to understand and helps me to create the right outfits for occasions that used to make me fret – like smart casual for work – these are a breeze now that I know how to put the right elements together! And the best part, I can always come back to use the information from the guides anytime I need some styling help.

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Styling Method #1- How to Dress for Your Body Shape

$50.00 $37.00


Not sure what clothes to buy or what actually looks good on you? Maybe your body has changed, or you want to try a new look but you aren’t sure what to pick.

Wearing the correct fits, cuts, styles, and shapes for your body can be flattering, and make you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.

And Styling Method #1 will help you understand the easiest and most effective styling methods for creating the right outfits for your body shape. And if your body shape changes, that’s ok, you can come back to the guide and review it again.

What You Get?
  • Learn how to work your body shape (there are measurements and calculations in this)
  • Discover which body parts are wider and narrower so that you can balance your shape with the right outfits and pieces.
  • Gain clarity on your best features and assets so that you know which areas to highlight and boost your confidence.
  • Get clear how on to style your body shape, no matter how much it changes over time.
  • Learn body shape styling hacks to help you style with ease and confidence every day.
  • 42 pages of value packed content with worksheets, images, and information so that you can create your own look for your
  • Downloadable online password encrypted pdf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 Review

Thank you Josephine!

By Natalie Sullivan 14th October 2021
What a wealth of knowledge Josephine is and how incredible it is to receive that. She takes you through a step by step process of how to work out your body shape, and then guided you through learning the best way to dress for your shape. The confidence I have gained from this is incredible. I feel like I actually know what works for my body now. Rather then fumbling around trying to work out what works for me and never being happy with my outfits, I feel confident to make the right decisions for me.

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