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When it comes to feeling and looking great on a daily basis, comfort is key.
And since the corporate environment has started to become a lot more casual in the uniform these days, and people wanting to opt for comfortable corporate-wear  I’ve prepared a simple 3 step method for you, to help you nail your smart casual corporate outfits to help you get ready of a morning with ease and confidence.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the ABC News and for a news article about how the Pandemic has changed the way that people dress in the corporate workplace. And it really has changed many corporate businesses’ dress standards, which have become a lot more relaxed in their work attire and less ‘business suit and heels’ focused.

It is interesting though as I’ve had a few businesses and clients mention to me they aren’t all very impressed with what some people are rocking up to work wearing and dressing in casual mini dresses or t-shirt and jeans, and the lines can definitely get blurred as to what is too casual and what is actually accepted as a smart casual corporate look for your workplace.
I understand that many businesses have different dress code standards, with some being very relaxed and some quite conservative, so you can adjust with my tips accordingly to your work’s standards and you will see what I mean in the 3rd step when I go into more detail.