Josephine Eve is one of Sydney’s top fashion stylists, and her mission is simple – to show every single client the value in having an organised, flattering and stylish wardrobe that reflects who they are. With her regular personal shopping and styling clientele, she will be the first to tell you that having great style is something that can be learnt. All it takes is the right person – a trusted personal stylist – to guide you on your style journey.

This is where Josephine steps in, with formal training in personal styling, celebrity styling and wardrobe styling as well as an impressive portfolio of fashion editorials and photographic collaborations with leading Australian brands.

Available for style consultations, photo shoots and one-on-one wardrobe refresh experiences, Josephine’s point of difference as a personal stylist is her focus on the ‘personal’ aspect of the styling process. She is all too familiar with the challenges people face when it comes to shopping and putting outfits together, and so her clients can rest assured that a style experience with Josephine will not only be educational, but also empathetic.

Josephine believes the first step towards a more stylish life is having confidence, and her friendly and patient nature along with her industry insight means that clients from all walks of life will end their time with Josephine feeling inspired and confident. Tackling boutiques and shopping centres, and dressing for occasions that require the perfect outfit will no longer be stressful, overwhelming experiences.

Through Josephine’s expertise as a Sydney fashion stylist, clients will learn how to dress to flatter their body shape, which colours suit their complexion, and discover their unique style – a personal style that reflects their personality, is practical for their lifestyle, and sits comfortably within their budget.

A strong style identity is within reach of every single person – it all begins with finding a trusted personal stylist. Ready to embark on a journey of style discovery? Find out more about Josephine’s services here.