Styling Method #3- How to Create Outfits for Your Lifestyle Effortlessly

Styling Method #3- How to Create Outfits for Your Lifestyle Effortlessly

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Are you tired thinking about what to wear, and figuring out what goes with what? What if I let you in on a secret and showed you how to create outfits effortlessly?

Use Styling Method #3 you can construct amazing outfits no matter what the occasion, in no time at all.

I’ve created a secret structural formula that will make your wardrobe stretch further. You’ll be able to add or swap out items in your outfit to transform it for different occasions and events. And this will be done effortlessly.

What You Get?
  • Learn how to create outfits for any occasion: casual, smart casual, dressy & formal.
  • Feel more confident about what you’re wearing wherever you are.
  • Learn to identify the two categories of wardrobe pieces that will help you create and adapt your outfits.
  • 31 pages of value packed content, ideas, and inspiration to create your look effortlessly.
  • Downloadable online password encrypted pdf.

Customer Reviews

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Very practical!

By Natalie Sullivan 14th October 2021
This was really great because it helps you work out what you actually want and need in your robe for your own lifestyle. It helped me to figure out where I spend the most time and what outfits I need for those situations. Then it talked me through which items might be casual or dressy and how to put outfits together for different life occasions, whether they be every day events or more special occasions. I really liked the wardrobe checklist where I could figure out what I already have in my robe and what I needed to shop for.

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