Styling Method #4- How to Use ‘Statement’ & ‘Staple’ Pieces to Enhance Your Outfits

Styling Method #4- How to Use 'Statement' & 'Staple' Pieces to Enhance Your Outfits

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When learning to embrace your personal style, a lot can be said by the outfit you’re wearing. It will either match your personality or the outfit will ‘wear you’.

You can create your look and enhance it with a balance of staple and statement pieces from your wardrobe, where it matches your personality. This can help adapt your outfit to the occasion, and ensure the outfit isn’t wearing you.

Styling Method #4 does exactly this, it helps you enhance the outfit that suits you, without taking over.

What You Get?
  • Learn the difference between statement and staple pieces
  • Learn how to put your outfits together using the right balance of both and bring out your personality and confidence.
  • A complete checklist of staple and statement items for your next shopping trip.
  • 20 pages of value packed content, ideas, and inspiration
  • Downloadable online password encrypted pdf

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Thanks Josephine! 

By Sammy J 22nd October 2021
I love the tips in this method. It’s a really simplified process to follow, so am looking forward to now getting ready as I can easily put together something that looks wow without looking like I’ve put much effort in.

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