Styling Method #5- How to Use ‘Structure’ & ‘Flow’ to Reflect Your Personality

Styling Method #5- How to Use 'Structure' & 'Flow' to Reflect Your Personality

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Everyone has their own unique, personal style, with a touch of masculine or feminine thrown in.  Understanding this will help you create a ‘balanced’ outfit and look that’s right for you.

You’ll learn all about masculine and feminine traits, and how it works when pairing items in any outfit. What’s more you’ll learn which one you should be embracing more of or steering away from.

What You Get?
  • Learn the difference between masculine (structure) and feminine (flow).
  • Learn how to create outfits using both structured and flowy elements.
  • Understand what personality traits are most dominant in you and how to bring them out in your outfits.
  • Identify the items that you love that are feminine and the items you love that are masculine and how to combine the two.
  • Feel more confident knowing your outfit is balanced to your personality and style.
  • Learn how to identify if your outfit has too many structured elements or too many flowy elements and be able to adjust accordingly to get the right femme/masculine balance.
  • 23 pages of value packed content to inspire, teach and create your new balanced look.
  • Downloadable online password encrypted pdf

Customer Reviews

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Light bulb moment 

By Julie 22nd October 2021
This was an eye opening read! I found the structure and flow method very fascinating and game changing for me as I struggle with getting the right balance with my outfits on a daily basis so I tend to wear only a few outfits on rotation. I’m so looking forward to playing with my outfits using this method, it’s given me a whole new perspective.

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